Special Announcement – Final Fantasy X-2 HD Giveaway

We have made very few posts here that are not reviews.  Actually, it’s been all the way back to Day 01 of this site that we’ve made an article here that’s not a Game Review or App Review.

If you have been following out Twitter handle, @vitareviews , you may have heard that we will be hosting a special giveaway for Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster.  We are here to give you the details of this giveaway.

At our home base, we will have a set number of Download Codes for the North America/United States edition of Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster.  Winners will be chosen randomly for people who enter this Giveaway Contest.

How to Enter: Originally, we wanted Direct Messages on Twitter for entries.  We will be revising that, given Twitter’s limitations with Direct Messages.  If you would like to enter, simply respond to this post with your Twitter Handle, or send us a Tweet on Twitter, letting us know you are interested.

Your name will then be entered into the contest.  Then, on March 25th, one week after the collection releases, we will host the giveaway, where we will announce the winners of this on Twitter as well as sending the winners their Download Codes.

Any more questions, feel free to ask us here or on Twitter



  1. small question, are you still gathering the number of possible winners up? as in how many? the amount of codes given out, i am just curious.

    • As of right now, that number will be 2. But we’ll be collecting names to be added to the contest up until the day before the announcement for the winners is made

  2. Thanks for doing this! I would love the chance to win this Final Fantasy as my very first Vita game (and give me an excuse to finally buy the system)!

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