Expanding: What Would You Do?

Hello all,

If you noticed our Twitter feed, we are reaching out for our site’s expansion.  As many of our most dedicated followers know, we have come a long way since we started.  In fact, we have done a lot.  Since the beginning, we were reviewing PSP, PS1, and PS Vita games.  But we have added since then, such as the following:

  • PlayStation Mini and PlayStation Mobile Review Sections were added
  • PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Mobile App Review Sections were added
  • Giveaways were Added
  • Donation Button was Added
  • Search Option was Added
  • Twitter Widget was Added
  • Giveaway Section was Added

We have done a lot, but we want to constantly expand.  That is where you come in.  We want opinions on what our followers want to see.  So we are asking every single one of you to tweet to us at @vitareviews or comment or email us.

Your Question:  If you could expand our site in any way you wanted, what would you do?

Any and all suggestions and thoughts are appreciated
The PS Vita Reviews Team


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