Welcome Our New Writer: Tymek!

Hello all,

You may or may not be aware, but from Day 1 of this site, it has been a solo project.  Every review, giveaway, and article you have seen on the site has been written by me, and only me.  It has been a blast to be able to do all of this and I shall continue to do so.  Though that doesn’t mean it has to be a solo effort.

I have been approached by many people before about writing for this site, and most of them had no writing to show for themselves.  Getting help is definitely something the site will need to flourish and expand even further, so we have a new writer coming onto our staff team.  I would like all of our followers to welcome our newest writer, Tymek, to the team.

Tymek has experience with sites in the same format as our site, here at PS Vita Reviews, and he will start writing for us soon.  Again, welcome Tymek to our team and keep watching for new PS Vita Reviews and giveaways!

You can also see Tymek on @LotsaNintendo on Twitter.


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